01-03-2012 à 13:42:11
ici une banque ou je suis pas qui a rejeter un payement.
Surement une arnaque ou il me demanderons les codes.
ou simplement une pub pour une banque, mais je vais pas aller verifier ni essayer de traduire le mail.
01-03-2012 à 13:42:24
voici un message envoyer par,,,,,,

Dear bank account holder,

The ACH transaction, recently initiated from your bank account, was rejected by the Electronic Payments Association. Please review the transaction report by clicking the link below:

Unauthorized ACH Transaction Report

Copyright )2010 by NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association
01-03-2012 à 13:42:36
Encore un message Bisare envoyer par,,,

You have received this message because you are a holder of a FDIC-insured bank account.
Recently FDIC has officially named the bank you have opened your account with as a failed bank,
thus, taking control of its assets.
You need to visit the official FDIC website and perform the following steps to check your Deposit Insurance Coverage:
Visit FDIC website:
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation